Saturday, July 22, 2006

More, more, more...

As I mentioned in my post on July 21st, we have changed some of our expectations and goals for getting the office setup and finished. Here are the three main areas we discussed while talking about the new office. We need more time, more help and more money!

Timeline: After re-evaluating our goals and vision for the new office, we are now looking at having the office set up by September with the understanding that it might take until December to really design the place the way we envision it.

Help: We need to recruit more helping hands to get this job done. The problem of sticking with our timeline is complicated by the fact that nearly all office staff are gone for the summer, leaving us with little resources to finish the job. Another benefit of involving others is that it will create a sense of ownership among all office staff, not just the Design Team.

Finances: Originally we were hoping to renovate our office to the tune of $5,000. Once Anita and I started looking at used office furniture, it became apparent that we were grossly underestimating our costs. Now we are shooting for a budget of over $10,000 but under $15,000. Where will this money come from? Don't know yet, but I have a feeling it will be God that supplies it.


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