Saturday, July 15, 2006

Whose Calling the Shots?

As I took on the challenge of moving our Regional Office to its new location, there was one thing that concerned me above all others--that I would be making most of the decisions on how to plan, arrange, organize and design the our new space. It is an honor to setup a new office for a region that has close to 150 staff. So, I didn't take this responsibility lightly, and yet, I thought it would be good to share some of this responsibilty with others.
  1. In a given situation, I'm not always sure what the best thing to do is. It helps to have input.
  2. By adding more people to the mix, you avoid mistakes, have better ideas, and better solutions to problems.
  3. When poor decisions, which are inevitable, are made, the responsibilty rests on all, not just one.

And so I birthed the Office Design Team, a decision-making body that can evaluate how our new office should be planned, arranged, organized and designed. It consists of Bob, Cas, Jennifer, Keith and myself. Together we will try and decide how best to use the new office space and what it should look like. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the design or the layout of the new office, please let one of us know and we can bring the issue to the table. In this way we can receive valuable input and also move ahead with certain decisions.


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